We are what we …

Yesterday I felt ached all over and was very tired. Enough to the point that I figured that going to work today just wasn’t going to happen.

When I finally got up this morning something was trying to explain to me that I am what I EAT and all the meat, alcohol, bread etc. is the source of inflammation.

If this wasn’t enough some other voice (or the same in a different disguise) was telling me that I am what I DO, get up do yoga, your exercising isn’t enough, you have to stretch more.

These voices attempt to pull the spirit in me to a place which I don’t feel is right. I want God to guide me. I want to walk and be with Him. I want to remind my pathetic body that its time is very limited and the soul time is not.

I find a quote thought to be of Aristotle. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” — Will Durant

I am what I repeatedly do. I go back to God and allow Him to guide me.

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