The candle burns brightest just before it goes out.

My Mother passed away.

Her activities and mobility were in decline for quite a while, gradually leaving her with relatively little, but with the understanding that her end was near and that there was nothing for her to do to change that, except to accept it.

One of my sisters who lives quite a distance away came thinking that mom’s end was near.

But while attending to mom, attempted and succeeded to bring the life and willingness to live back into her, Or so I thought.

She stayed awhile and then left stating, that she would come again very soon. But with here departure things went straight downhill until mom’s passing away.

I don’t know the source of the quote "The candle burns brightest just before it goes out." But I feel we saw an example of this with my Mom.

Trump is good for Israel and the Jewish people in ways we haven’t seen for a long time. The decline of pro-Israel stands in the Whitehouse has been gradually and continually growing weaker.

Trump seems like the dream come true, but is he not just a rising flame before the end?

America has some serious issues. The polarization is not allowing for free thought to be expressed. The greed which allowed Americas growth is destroying it from the inside.

Whatever comes next will blame Trump and accordingly his Jewish staff and Israel.

The end of free America is near.

One (non existent) nation under God (which is non constitutional) with liberty (but only if it pays well) and justice (if you call it that) to all (only with the right lawyers)

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1 Response to The candle burns brightest just before it goes out.

  1. luisa1234 says:

    At least your Mum is with God now, but where is Trump really now?

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