Not having enough, just gives me that feeling of stagnation. I am constantly looking for changes such as those that the prophets proclaimed, yet I don’t see them. When will they happen? The days follow each other and where is that change? I am looking, and find very few. Has Gods promise disappeared? When will it take place?

Can I start looking for God in my ego comfort zone? Is there a place to worship God there?

Am I feeling where is God today? Summer vacations, family activities, work, festivities and preparations for tomorrow. Constantly being busy, the distractions coming from all directions, the only real distraction missing is the need to feel his presence.

Where is that quietness and proof of his existence? Have I looked for him in his palace in my soul?
Do I stand in front of God and myself with a upright heart? When I fail, do I take note to strengthen my way?

My humanity takes me away from God; I know it and feel the cost of it. The egoistical forces inside seem to enjoy when they succeed, even temporarily to pull me in there direction. The results? Are never good in the end.

While I want to do what is right and always praise God, while putting him first, When I do that I help find that quietness with God and put my humanity in place.

Isn’t that what I need?

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