I love Arabs

I love all of creations of God, especially his children, all of them.

I want then best for them, as I would want for those who are close to me: myself, my close family, my extended family, my nation and the entire world.
I want to know God and to see his truth, and I pray this for them also.

I see Gods plans, at least what he has shown me.
Part of these plans include the returning of the people of Israel* to the land of Israel**.
I pray to be part of Gods plans including these, and I pray this for them also.

*people of Israel = are those people that God has chosen to be the people of Israel. God knows who this is and he acts according to his chose.
** land of Israel = the promised land as quoted millennium ago begins somewhere near modern Iraq until near, or in modern Egypt. at present the State of Israel has other border, which at times can be defined with a lot less then the promised ones or at other times closer to the promised one.

I am part of the rebuilding of the land of Israel, cities, towns and vineyards. The coming back after diaspora of the people of Israel. I pray that they be part of this also.

For the choice is not many. Either one takes an active part of joining God and his plans or attempting to disrupt God and his plans.
I pray that my brethren Gentiles living anywhere withing the land of Israel. As the prophet calls:

Flee! Save your lives!
Be strong, like a tamarisk in the desert.
[Jeremiah 48:6]

Take upon themselves a active role in:
1. Building the land, the houses and the fields.
2. Help bring the people of Israel home.
3. Give security and well being to the people of Israel
4. Actively defending Israel from all those who wish to do it harm.
5. Search your true roots out and be help bring God to them.

And from these actions may God bless them with similar blessings as he has and will give the the nation of Israel.

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