The right path

In the past I have been telling others that the best way to decide their way is first and foremost to place in front of themselves all their options. When one has in all in front of himself and allows himself to choose from any of them, he will feel what is difficult and almost impossible for him to do, to succeed in reaching that point where he feels free enough, he will have to do some connecting to himself and praying to God to handle his pitfalls.

While all of this is correct, it takes to a cognitive path of logic and rational. Even though in its essence, it is touching even more so the emotions.

Should logic, rational & emotions be our guides? Can we allow them to guide us? If we do must we not excel in learning and understanding? Will we ever learn enough?

We are all children of God and have to remember to fall back as babies into his loving and caressing hands. God loves us more then we can ever love ourselves.

No man made creation can be a path to the answer. Even more so, the second we allow these tools to be any form of guidance, we in essence create idols and fall to worshiping them. And such a path is one which will lead us nowhere.

Only God can be our guide on his path.

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