Looking at the bright side

Lots of events have been happening around our children and the connection with them. We have had do course of disconnection and issues around the kids having a place together with us. I have attempted to show optimism on the subject. As I believe in free will and the yearning for calmness will in the long run bring that connection that the children need to be a healthy and long term one.

In general before attempting any event we first ask their opinion. This is not a ploy to grab them, but a genuine attempt to place their wants “on the map”. The following is to decide what “we want” and announce it. Then accept each with their response in whichever way it might come. The loss will be when a non-calm atmosphere will be present. We want everyone to be together and we are happy whenever it actually succeeds (which it hasn’t yet …)

In the meantime more and more events are actually happening with more and more participants. The greatest part is from that free will the children are taking responsibility and be the requesters/arrangers of them. This is a slow process but the binding that is the result is very firm.

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