Rabbis knowing Gods’ way

After actually listening to these two (You can spare yourselves the time) I just want to comment:
It is good to hear one stating that he doesn’t know. He should never leave that line until he is 100% sure that he does know.
The problem is that a person gets to a certain point when he is tired of not knowing, so he starts guessing.

Zecharia Wallerstein stated very nicely that he asked God for guidance and that he received some. The problem is that while receiving he seemed to have disconnected from God and fallen into his egotistical self , driven by the urge to understand by himself rather then pray and ask if he understood right. Even though he understood that the one thing God isn’t interested in is the details of observance, he fell into the trap of getting bogged down by the minutiae of rabbinical rulings nonetheless.

Yosef Mizrachi also nicely states that people are not willing to face up to the truth and are quicker to blame others rather than engaging in introspection. However, he also gets caught in the trap of his own (the rabbinical rules) and fails to introspect the personal relationship each and everyone needs to have with God.



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