Mid-March phobia 2015

Today is Fri the 13th the second one in a row, Tomorrow is PI day, this year it is the PI day of the century (3.14.15)

Sunday will be the Ides of March, Monday … Tuesday March 17 Israel is having elections.

Does this mean anything ? I am constantly looking for signs. Just two weeks ago it snowed in Jerusalem second time this year.

male A man walks in sleet nearby palm trees outward Jerusalem’s aged city on Feb 20, 2015. (MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP/Getty Images)

God does show us signs, but our understanding of them is another concern.

God talks to us in his spirit, but we are so stuck into our human ego that we don’t hear it.

One of the things that I have been feeling is how much I am noticing my ego. As time goes on it comes up and is bothering my ability to live calmly.

The more God’s presence is felt, the more we notice and are disturbed by our egotistical self.

The only sign I see from his spirit of the above dates,

is that we must choose,


God to be the only source that leads us in this world.

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