Memoir of a Mole, part 1

In espionage jargon, a mole (also called a penetration agent, deep cover agent, or sleeper agent) is a long-term spy (espionage agent) who is recruited before he has access to secret intelligence, and subsequently works his way into the target organization. However it is popularly used to mean any long-term clandestine spy or informant within an organization, whether government or private. source

I really have to idea were to start. It’s just that I suddenly noticed that the definition of a Mole seems very much what I felt. So I must be a Mole, right?

Some basic questions needing answers

  1. What is a Mole? and how does he operate.
  2. What am I feeling to give me this strange idea?
  3. Agent? for who? Who do I work for?
  4. Penetration/Sleeper/Target to whom am I targeting?

To complicate this even more I don’t recall any training or recollection of "being send". Just the feeling sometimes that I am in the other territories, some feeling that I have to be ready for "call up".

A little about Moles and there training:

The Mole will be trained to understand what his purpose is.

  1. To be ready at any time and date to be called up and fill his mission. (on call minute men)
  2. Not to allow anything in the territories in which he is in, stop him from his success.
  3. To blend in as natural way as possible to the place and environment he is placed (to be natural & normal)
  4. To mix with people and organizations in such a fashion so that he might achieve access to information.
  5. To consistently remember the goal of his job and not allow his placing to forget him of it.
  6. To check on a regular basis that communication is not being interrupted. *this does NOT mean demanding communication, for that could cause the entire mission to be circumvented)
  7. To have patience and a lot of. You never know when you will be called and even if you will be called up at all. Don’t press that subject, it doesn’t help.
  8. Attempts to "self awaken" are dangerous and can ruin years and years of planning. Only your superior should be your awakener.
  9. Be very leery if you have been awakened, if it didn’t come from your direct superior. there are plenty of people around who (even on the best of pretexts) start off the Mole and have him "burnt" before real use.
  10. Expect tests. You superior has had plenty of reasons to "check you out", but these test aren’t only for that. The tests keep you on the edge, something which is very helpful when you are on the "wait of call".
  11. There are times which your superior will call you to meet other moles like yourself, as these meeting are being called by your superior it is the right this to do. Meetings not called by him or not wanting to participate in meetings called by him for you can have devastating effects, this is especially true as you are in #3 (that mixing and "getting lost" around you)
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