I want, I like. The I.

The I seems to be just me. But is it? Who am I really?

Before jumping into the answer, lets see who we are not.

  1. We are not what others think we are.
  2. We are not the product of our education.
  3. We are not the result of mass media.
  4. We are not the result of customs and traditions
  5. We are not just a genetic result of parents and grandparents, etc..
  6. We are not the sum total of habits.
  7. We are not the outcome of our intellect or emotions.
  8. Nor of our actions.

We are children of God. Messed up and confused, yearning to find our true selves.
So here are some steps which have helped me and might help you.

  1. The desire to find your true God given baby of God self. Wanting is always a good start. It helps the focus.
  2. Start noticing what pulls you in different directions. Get the ego feel. Notice that it is the ego and not the real you. Want to keep this feeling.
  3. At this point the feeling that the ego is not the real you and is disturbing the real you will come up. You might make the mistake of attempting to overcome them on your own. This attempt is futile. But keep reminding yourself that it is not you and is disturbing you.
  4. Only God can save you from your messed up self. Work together, hold up your hand and hold Fathers. He will guide you.
  5. Start seeing the results. They are not 100% just go back to #1 there is more "Desire" needed and probably you just like the shit that you are to much.

Cry, God wants to cleanse you.

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