Only God can show me who I really am

The “Conchita Wurst” syndrome brought me to go look over the self-evaluation and it’s process. There is a lot of yearning not to be categorized. The want for that independent self.

God wants his child to come and be with him. To succeed some things are needed.

  1. Trust/Full belief in God that he will show us who we really are.
  2. A full acceptance that we are not what Society/Media claims us to be.
  3. Consent noticing when that quietness inside leaves us, and waiting/praying for it to return.
  4. Remembering that there is only one God and to show us that we are the epitome of selfishness, and to save us from it.
  5. To realize the great power given to us when Gods spirit lives in us.


Conchita Wurst who/what are you

Conchita Wurst who/what are you?

The following are just some notes, none of my own.

You have to accept me for who I am, not what you expect me to be.

I’m Not Who You Think I Am.

And No One Will Tell Me Who and What I Am and Can Be.

And No One Will Tell Me Who I am.

No One Knows Who I Am.

Nobody can teach me who I am.

You can describe parts of me, but who I am – and what I need – is something I have to find out myself.

I don’t know who I am.

Who are you ? Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am !

I really wanna know Come on tell me, who are you ?

whoami – Print the username associated with the current effective user ID. Same as id -un

Don’t even try to Figure me out, I’m a Special kind of Twisted.

What you lose when you let people categorize you is threefold:

  1. You lose your understanding of yourself. You become somebody you may not truly be in order to be understood. You overlook aspects of a “category” that don’t fit you because, well, you’d rather be understood.
  2. In exchange for being understood, you are in fact misunderstood. If you identify as a Democrat (which is ridiculous because parties evolve in order to become more populist, just like an insecure kid in Jr. High) then you’ll spend hours trying to justify aspect of the party stand that you don’t even understand. And the reality is, people will think you believe things you really don’t.
  3. You lose your true search for self. Accepting a category is introspectively lazy. People are, by nature, walking talking paradoxes.

And so are you. Accepting a category means no longer looking for real answers and an identity that is true to who we are. The truth is, you are not a category, you are a human being. Don’t let anybody fence you in.

What is the difference between stereotyping & categorization?

Stereotyping is making loose assumptions based off of little evidence, but categorizing is more accurate. Humans have evolved to be cognitive beings by nature, and categorizing is how we learn.

judging: judging oneself, judging others

Give up judging yourself and others; acceptance feels so much more peaceful.

Nonconformity refusing to live life how we’re told.


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