Letter to my sister of the wall

Dear sister, aunt, daughter, mother, niece or wife, whoever you are, who is attempting to break your head on the wall,
I have some painful news for you. While you feel the need for others to accept you as equals, there is no need.

In the eyes of God you are his children to the same extent as men, and there is no necessity to prove it.

The wall is no more then a remnant of a place that (as I recall) that God burnt down because Jews were not willing to get their act together and worship him in brotherly love.

That place that was destroyed is no longer standing. The holiest place you can find right now is your own heart.
I do wonder if God is at all interested in prayers unless we can stand in front of him and be willing to put aside all of our beliefs and preconceived ideas, whatever they may be. Can we have any place in front of him at all?
Willingness to stand in front of God does not require a tallis, or tefillin or a torah scroll reading. It needs no press release, minyan or wall (even facebook) of any kind.
There is no point in fighting against those who claim they have a monopoly over religion. God is not with them, God despises their arrogance and idol-worshiping practices. And most of all, God despises their claim that the only way to access him is via them.

The fight over the wall will achieve nothing except to show to the world that we, the Jewish people are not a beacon to God but a bunch of traditionalists bashing one another. It is sadly ironic that the setting for this battle of wills is the wall itself, a remnant of the very place where God banished us from His kingdom due to our petty infighting and rabid hatred of anything ‘different’. Do we ever learn from history?

God is still patiently waiting for us to come back to him. But the wall is not necessarily the entrance gate to our return path. Firstly, we have to break down the seemingly impenetrable wall of our own hearts.

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