What is Happiness?

I was asked the other day if I am Happy? What is Happiness? Some quick searches come up with:


happiness, state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy happiness emotions experienced when in a state of well-being

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. A variety of biological,psychological, religious, and philosophical approaches have striven to define happiness and identify its sources. Various research groups, including positive psychology, endeavor to apply the scientific method to answer questions about what "happiness" is, and how it might be attained. It is of such fundamental importance to the human condition that "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" were deemed to be unalienable rights by the United States Declaration of Independence.

Philosophers and religious thinkers often define happiness in terms of living a good life, or flourishing, rather than simply as an emotion. Happiness in this sense was used to translate the Greek Eudaimonia, and is still used in virtue ethics. Happiness economics suggests that measures of public happiness should be used to supplement more traditional economic measures when evaluating the success of public policy.

Why can’t a person just say they are happy? Why do they need to check and search?

Could it be a distrust that they are happy & content. The ego always looks for MORE.

I asked God what is happiness. He answered me

Book: Numbers Chapter 15 Verse: 41

I [am] the LORD your God, which brought you out of the land of Egypt, to be your God: I [am] the LORD your God.

Couldn’t be a simpler answer. Anything but God is ego. Ego isn’t happy, can’t ever be. God is freedom, eternal bliss, joy and happiness.

Thank you God for reminding me.

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