From http://sarahblog87.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/dieu-crea-lhomme-a-son-image/

At the beginning of the book of Genesis it says that God made man in his own image. Adam was like an angel, lived in harmony with the Creator and could see it without fear.

“Created in the image of God” means that he possessed all the qualities and powers of God, level of course, because it was not a creature and creator.

Unfortunately Adam’s disobedience will destroy this harmony and will result in disconnection from God and his world and the degradation of its angelic nature in fallen nature and animals. It is this animal nature that we carry today.

However, the angelic nature, “the image of God” has not disappeared. It is buried in us half dead, but always aspiring to find his Creator. We can sometimes feel when we feel bad and we wonder what we do on this earth, the existential vacuum, it longs for it’s father.

It is up to us to reconnect with our Creator for this muddy body revitalizes it by his Spirit (as in the creation of Adam) our true being, the image of God in us. Help bring to life and to grow the most beautiful creations is the purpose of our life on earth.

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