Who am I?

I have just had an "out of body experience". What was interesting about it was that I noticed that during this experience (that of seeing the body as a separate entity from above) I noticed the basic differences of what is known as "I".

There are two selves; the spiritual one and the bodily one.

The spirit is eternal. It knows its purpose in existence. It knows what it is part of and how it is connected. It has no worries nor fears. It knows that it has a body down here. It wants to be one with it. It is free "like a butterfly".

The body ( the earthly one) has a date of birth and date of death. It only knows of these things and of itself. It rarely relates to its spirit. When it does it enters into peace/harmony/karma. It has fears and worries. There is not awareness of a reason for its existence or where it is heading. It can only become centered when it is at one with the spiritual self. Otherwise it is lost.

The spirit yearns for friendship and connection with its earthly counterpart, calling for communication and cooperation. It knows that the outcome of this connection will be eternal. It is a worthy cause.

The body is busy, its time limited, it’s wants diversity. It is looking for things that are transient just like it is, the more the merrier for there is no tomorrow. Its happiness is. "like a caterpillar", slow and shortsighted.

I am one. Any attempt to separate or ignore those two sides, spirit and the body, are, in fact destroying the essence of who I am.

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