As we read the Bible, we can see that God gave man commandments and laws to follow. Some people reject this, while others try to put them into practice. Unfortunately, despite the best will in the world, it is impossible to observe all laws.

Why would God given laws that we can not really keep them ? For what reason did God gave laws to man? The fact is that, they are there to show us things that we have become: liars, thieves, proud … As there is no need to provide rules of conduct in heaven!

The reason we are unable to fulfill these laws is that we can not change human nature. It is as if a caterpillar wanted to try to fly. It must first leave its nature and cocoon to enter its nature of butterfly then to fly. This is what our Father wants us to do. He expects this of us.

He brought our ugly caterpillar carcass to reveal the beautiful butterfly that we are called to be. This is being “created in His image” makes sense. Like angels, this new creature is born in us, does not need to efforts to obey the commandments because they are innate to him.

Make our nature learn despair of it to the point of wanting to change our whole being – it is possible!


Si nous lisons la Bible, nous pouvons voir que Dieu a donné à l’homme des commandements ainsi que des lois à suivre. Certains les rejettent, d’autres essaient de les mettre en pratique. Malheureusement, malgré la meilleure volonté du monde, il est impossible d’observer toutes les lois.

Pourquoi Dieu aurait-Il donné des lois que nous ne pouvons pas réellement garder ? Pourquoi Dieu a-Il donné des lois à l’homme ? En fait, elles sont là pour nous montrer les êtres que nous sommes devenus : menteurs, voleurs, orgueilleux… Il n’est nullement besoin de donner des règles de conduite aux anges !

La raison pour laquelle nous sommes dans l’incapacité  d’accomplir ces lois est que nous ne pouvons pas changer notre nature humaine. C’est comme si une chenille voulait essayer de voler. Elle doit d’abord quitter sa nature de chenille et entrer dans sa nature de papillon pour ensuite voler. C’est ce…

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