Bored or board ?

Boredom: not having anything which fills ones life and gives him a feeling of being.
Board: wood plank that is used in building, but by itself has little use.
Life and the feeling of being: even a live person can be of the “living dead” as they don’t know why and for what they live. As such they feel empty inside.

Emptiness and boredom are of the same root. But a person can choose a goal even one with little value as to focus himself to get some temporary redemption from his affliction. But this goal as it is not one from God is short lived and evaporates after sometime.

A person in a dire case of boredom might utilized some man made goals BUT must understand his situation and the usage of temporary measures.
The parent/teacher/instructor that does administrate such guidance and does not give proper instructions, might imagine that they have “at least” helped push off the suffering. while in essence they have guided the person. to a dead-end and left them there to die.

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