What can I ask what I should ask?

That God will avenge the nations for refusing to recognize him, and for tormenting his people throughout the ages.

So I asked: what exactly is preventing God from doing this great thing?
For it’s result will cause the nations to recognize the supreme God who made heaven and earth God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And I think that God would have wanted to be recognised for all this time.

But here again the answer can be found by the indivdual, the Israeli man. The one who shys away from his responsibilty saying "What can I do? "

Only one who knows how many others are wrong, but stubbornly refuses to recognize he’s not perfect. Not just "also he". For he is sure that misery loves company. After running away from looking at himself in the mirror, from seeing his egotistical and greedy self.
He answer quickly to himself. "So I am not perfect, but so what?"

What is preventing Gods avengement on the nations is, Israel’s acknowlegment and recognistion of it’s sins.

A person who allows the truth of himself to come out, makes recognition of his mediocrity; his willingness to uncover his sin.
A person who says to the truth, you are good, and to evil, you are bad,
allows clarification not only for himself, but for the world over.

And then
allowing the truth to come out and be discovered, allows the evil to be discovered as well.
The wickedness of the wicked, is already known, only something is actively concealing it.
And God cleans his sin, for he was punished for it twice over.

And evil, pleading and crying for God’s blessing. Where is your mercy??!!
That the only blessing that God’s kindness can give here, is the cleaning of the evil itself.
And as the people of Israel that have gone through cleaning time after time, so will it be with the Gentiles.

And without God who is my redemer, I could not stand before the final judgment. For I am not deserving.

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