The mercy cry of the wicked

For as the child who kills his parents, pleads mercy for he is a orphan.
So the rapers pleads when being beaten that he is naked.

The evil uses the goodness and the mercy of the good souls while it pleads for itself when the judgment comes.

And the good soul has to prepare itself with the borders that only Gods holy and pure judgment can mark. As to do unto the evil as the judgment decrees.

For any less will leave strength which the evil will ultimately use again and again.

But for this one NEEDS faith, true faith. Faith like the one coming from a mother of children who puts gods words in front of her children.
The story from 1 Kings 17 : 7-16 shows that she gave her last food to the prophet BEFORE her child.

This test of faith wasn’t just personal for if so why is it written?

The fears are many, and evil FEEDS ON FEAR and creates its havoc from it.

And only god can save us from fear, mans directions only pull us away from the spirit and gods light in the darkness of this world.

And even following a man who gods spirit is within him is not enough, for were will it take you or were will it take him ?

Are we using the grace of god for our own indulgence? Or do we all understand that we are to be Gods’ glory carriers ?

Be with God trust him, eat of what he gives in his holiness and purity. For this is for you.
The doctors, lawyer & rabbis will not save you on judgement day. Not you.
For you are of the chosen.

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One Response to The mercy cry of the wicked

  1. Fear is the infection and faith is the cure (and immunisation). Let God guide us to give rachmanut when it is necessary, and not when it is not.

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