lawyers rabbis and gpss’

Yes we are familiar with them, and they can be helpful sometimes, but on other occasions we find them taking us on a trip we didn’t expect. Leaving us lost to there whims with not the faintest idea how to continue (without them).
Maybe, that is their whole story. To bring us to the point that they are in full control and we are lost.
The original purpose of them is to be helpful and act as a guidance. And as such the fault really lies with us. We take them blindly and leave our natural intuition & judgment aside.
Does the GPS really know the way better ? are we sure ? shouldn’t we double check that it isn’t going to take us someplace were we prefer not to be ? are we familiar with the route ? shouldn’t we have some idea what the %&@$ it has in mind ? So the same with a Rabbi or Lawyer.
I have found myself giving instructions and directions to people whom have felt that i have ability to guide them. So I tell them directions and signs which I am familiar with.
Go right after the traffic light then up three blocks and after the pharmacy turn left.
All sound simple enough, I’ve done it plenty of times. But then they turn on their GPS and it takes them … and I have no idea were they are or what they have done and how to help them. I ask were did you go ? The answer is I don’t know the GPS took me. Were are you now ? And I get some answer, at times I can figure it out other times I can not.
If I can I’d ask them to TURN OFF THE GPS and give new instructions. If I can’t. the only answer is to continue using what they have to take them to some place the I am familiar with (or leave me alone and continue without me).
No one is responsible for our lives except for ourselves. this responsibility CAN NOT be given to anybody or anything.
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