Free choice (free will)

The cornerstone of "Free choice", is the knowing that there are things you do not know whom not you know.

Some things are known.

Some things are not known.

Some things whom are known that they are not know.

But there are things that we do not know we do not know.

And although the judge cannot, but judge but what he has in front of him and he inquires and interrogates and questions well and here to see what is true. There’s a place for more study and checking even more. And with all this yet to know that to get to the absolute truth we will fail.

That there are still wisdom, and your intelligence that is lacking.

And this is not simple because everyone wants to feel that they "had it" and not the "they don’t have it".

And the truth is when a person is "they don’t have it". So then they really "have it" because they know that the truth belongs only to God.

Then he has a free choice. That all he had thought, researched, learned and felt are nothing.

Then he comes as a newborn and chooses the right thing.

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