Presentation of the book – “Who are you, Yisrael?”

The book reveals the essence of the people of Israel from its inception to the present day, and especially our role in the present, as priests to God and as a light unto the nations. The book puts order of what happened in the past and is happening now, highlights social, political, and spiritual aspects of life in the country of Israel and the world.

Section from the book:

Who are you in Israel?

The main task you have to deal with today, in Israel, is that of your true identity. If you do not know who you are and what you stand, how can you build your are, in order to realize your highest mission? The problem is that thousands of years of exile destroyed us so much because of the natural need to adapt – and even just survive – in the various nations in which we lived comfortably, or barely, that but a miracle is that we still have to ask ourselves: Who We Are ?

The book has been written in Hebrew and is available also in French.

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