Life free of criticism

I finished conversing with my eldest son and my the feeling is not simple. The boy took on his mother’s worst attribute. Life without criticism. He tells me how he is keeping busy in his spare time with writing. Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook said that they need and practice writing. Well I said, Do you give your writing to another for criticism. to review grammar, form of writing, content? And the answer is negative. he tells me that he just reads them again and see if it’s pleasant for himself, that’s all.
Live without criticism is a terrible thing. Years i attempted educating him for at least some real self-criticism, and it did not work so much.
What do you plan to do on vacation I ask him. Many things he responds. Maybe make a list of your many things and how you expect a daily schedule. Do it for yourself and see how your plans develop and were you are with them.
Juno what did you think? No way. Vacation ends and his plans …

Plato said “A life without criticism is not worth living.” And with the rabbinic phrase is “Make yourself a Rav” I did not see how it appears in the bible but I’m sure it’s there.

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