The “Ay” and the “Oh”

Two enter a hot pool, one says “Ay” with a interlude of pleasure. His friend says “Oh” and jumps out quickly from the burn he received.
They both entered the same pool. The temperature of the water and their bodies are identical. Still the response is opposite.

We all experience hardships of one sort or another in our lives. There is no such thing as “live is all honey”, but to liars of themselves.
Of experiences which have difficulty, there are those whom take the difficulty to move on, to learn, to get purified. For them the difficulty is a challenge, it is a “Ay” (also it’s really hard sometimes, and that “Oh” shows up, but only for a short glimpse, for he is right back to his goal and pleasure) the result of the difficulty begets gratitude, fame, joy and happiness.

In contrast, some see the difficulty, as just that difficulty. I want to enjoy life. I just want the good life and a lot of it. The difficulty is just “Oh” and it begets anger, impatience, irritability and just nothing good.

And it a shame. For we came to this world not for that “Oh” but for the “Ay” to have the heavenly garden of eden in this world. To be cleansed from that ego which makes life heavy and prevents us from coming closer to God.

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