Signs of the way of life, symbols of Passover

I never specialized in navigation, some I remember from when I was younger, but when you have a map and the country is spread out in front of you, it does not need too much just to tie the marks on the map and what you see.

See line closes together that means sharp slope up or down. See a parallel lines it’s a road. See it with dashed lines it’s a dirt road.

Really you do not have to relate to signs, you can also ignore them entirely. We have free choice.

So I see that the road goes through dense lines parallel lines disappear into one dotted line. I continue on my way and people coming towards me tell me "Well done" I did not understand until … I understood.

The path was not passable for a bicycle, and I was carrying it on my shoulder with all the equipment until I get to some cute cliff 4 meters high and how the hell I’m going up on this bike.

So God took pity on me and I managed. But the most important thing was to relate to signs, they are here and the choice we see them or not. The results we see them also.

And I must add that this does not include the signs the we have already realized what they were. And I’m on my way looking for others signs I’ve recognized and suddenly I realize that I’m going the opposite way.

Nu were the goal ?

The marks and signs are identical both going north and south but there in the opposite direction.

The signs are many and life isn’t so straight. And only those who what to achieve the goal of life must also learn the signs of life and be prepared to accept our mistakes.

Life is much, much beyond the signs but that’s for another time.

Symbols of Passover, "Rabbi … would give indications …" It’s our humanity. Let us allow God to give us the real signs of life.

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