Trip planning

As I plan and arrange for my trip. I look ahead and work out my ways.

if .. then .. else .. if .. then .. else do

Another computer program with lots of control statements.

But this is what I feel:

yes, you want to plan

yes, you want to be prepared

yes, you are lying to yourself in that you claim to leave places for God in your plans to show you the way. your way your plans, not His.

That wanting to DO pushes aside the spirit and doesn’t allow it to live.

that need of control suffocates that part which has to flow.

How will I allow that spirit of God flow? letting go of control. allowing that doing and movement to be free.

Of course I have eyes on my head.

of course I plan to look and attempt to understand the trek.

But the movement of God is that one that is to move me. for it is His movement that I move at all.

Something in the way of: For when the cloud arose the people will travel and when it sat the people camped

and with this the simple prayer goes out for all that claim that they are doing thing for God.

Be clean and pure unto Him, before doing. otherwise you are just doing for yourself in the disguise of doing it for him.

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