Go, borrow thee vessels abroad of all thy neighbours, even empty vessels; borrow not a few.

Yesterday I went to see the performance of Voca People.

I do not like Voca People and I do not believe that “music is life”. The performance was of a sub-level, shallow, receiving a grade of almost failed.

If I was not with my mother I would have left already near the start.

I can easily write about my artistic criticism of their performance, choreography, and music. But I would focus myself not on the “show”, but what I felt when I was there.

Oh’ how we fill ourselves slime and junk. As we feel the need to live, and to experiences, for without them we feel the sadness and grief of death. All are welcome.

How easily we fill ourselves with what we have handy, the cheapest and the fashionable.

I felt nausea and ill all over from the spoiled food that is living death. Fillings of stagnated air and emptiness.

How long more Father? Will the lust of man’s eyes guide him. But should he drew near to you to fill his soul and spirit. And will be ready to taste from the real experience of your garden, and will live and not die and will be living in heaven on earth here and now.

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