Divine experience

Today I had a special experience with God. The major part of my experience is that experiences with God are personal and not for others. Experiences no matter how well we tell them don’t go well on paper (not even a computer)

And there are many experiences in life, everyone must obtain them personally. For what is worth telling the experience of relationship of a mother and her daughter, when the daughter must experience the connection herself. Thus as we see in the school system there are attempts to advocate the learning experience, the student will receive learning stimuli and in such will connect to other facets of studies not only dry frontal learning.

Everyone is one looking for stimuli and experiences in life. If in rappelling or in drugs. If in religious ecstasy or in altruism.

If we want a living experience with God we must ask for it. That experience of God is not worth less than the all the other experiences in the world. But we have to want it for it cannot come compulsively.

Cool, super and great it is, so much so that it is impossible to describe.

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