What do I want?

We are all of man of flesh and blood and as such he has like, he has opinions, wants, wishes and personal interested. His wife angered him this morning, the neighbor yelled at him, his food was spoiled.

At all what I expect? Justice, truth, pure ethics?

Where I live? In space? With Angels?

Do I have the ability to judge others? After all, they have jealousy, anger, revenge, lust. What do I have? Even if I feel these things. I’m human. I’m selfish. And when I get hit or shouted upon I feel humiliation.

If so maybe we will get to the conclusion that there is no one truth in the world, but everyone has his own truth. So if my lucky brought me to be with one that his truth is to "eat people" then that’s fine?!. And it is good that their luck has brought so they fell before such a person who is compassionate toward them with their crimes and their lies.

But there is a God in the world. A unique force with a unique truth. Judgment will be. Day of Judgment comes to all living things are judged by his truth. No matter his education, his views, his desire, etc. there is one divine truth. And it is right and just for all.

The person whom acts with egoistic desire seeking, and personal interests. Create that which will judge but himself.

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