Postmodernism as a spiritual renaissance

I have been waiting over a year to write this. And the time has come.

The ability to question everything is the “in” thing of the postmodern. Never assume, be skeptical toward values you have been taught, isn’t everything relative? Ask questions and place everything no matter who claims it to be holy on the examination table. This allows a person to start relating to things as an “outsider”.

Questioning is healthy and a necessity after the dark ages of the last two millenniums. The period of diaspora were Gods words were in the hands of man. It opens vessels inside that we are afraid to see. But like many things it is a tool which can be used for evil as it “allows us” to feel like God. Our ability to place the “?” on all enlarges our ego.

There is an answer. There is One God, one good, one truth.

But the questions rise again. What God and what truth? You will ask for each one claims they have their own!

The answer is here. As everyone at one point or another, have felt inside themselves THE TRUTH and FELT GOD. But they usually run away from this feeling, as it doesn’t allow them to fulfill their desires, to do as they please. This truth limits them in one way or another.

God created all of us, He gives us all the answers. Just look inside. But not just today but every day.

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