So what’s your scratch?

What a question!? What is a scratch?

So while I face this question, the first thing I do is move on. What do I need questions like this?
But like everything in life what you put it aside, it comes back on your next turn. So I should give it some notice, as this “scratch” from what I understand is just part of me and “I”. Even to the point that if you asked others about me it shows up.

Well then I’ll count a few scratches. I am honest & straight.
Yes it is hard for me to pull a fast one or to cheat. Almost everyone who heard the experiences I’m going through, give me advice to cheating, lie in one way or another. I find these ideas very hard.

It’s not that I do not know how or don’t have the ability. A few years ago I had a rogue state with a contractor and stood to lose a lot of money. I succeeded playing with a poker face, while he invested to the last cent I gave me, then I sent him away. The neighbors were not as lucky like me.

Another scratch is educator. The teacher of my father must have his blood flowing within me.
And it adds to the difficulty of cheating because I have kids. Educate them to cheating and lie how can I ?

Some say not bad. At least this its a bad virtue. I say a virtue not coming from God, is bad.
Good is like ” … And Samuel hewed Agag in pieces before the LORD in Gilgal. ”

God please me release, so that I can indulge in your wants wholeheartedly.

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