Like digging pit holes for ourselves

Within the laws, customs and habits that you yourself have created, you drown.

Yes that’s the way it is.
You must have Gifilta Fish on Saturday, you’re choking on it.
Without the red lipstick you won’t not leave the house, Be locked in your home.
You create rules so you limiting yourself to sit next by a woman, so stand and leave the seat vacant, and complaints about sore legs, and knee your fill of water, you have only to yourself to complain.
You judge according to your mood, judged you shall be it the same way, so don’t be surprised when you came out guilty.

It’s simple, rules created by man, burying him. Laws of God release him.

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One Response to Like digging pit holes for ourselves

  1. Avi Wollman says:
    Copyrights & Patents are not God sent. They were created by man it his attempt to create a fair environment which a man’s efforts will allow him to live. (See The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin).

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