Life with God how

God in our lives?
What shape will this change what I have now?
Is there any reason that I should take notice of why I or others do things? (is it not more important to flow with it) Are our actions are out of egoistic reasons or is there some pure intentions in them?

When God enters our lives it becomes clear as when the sun rises and shines which clears all the fog. And then in the outmost fashion our selfishness intentions and others stand out.
Then we can no longer sit quietly and accept all the nonsense as commandments, all charity as an acts of kindness, nor all love as true love.

In the same fashion that stands out the ego of others so does our ego stand out to ourselves. It such a fashion that to live with ourselves becomes unbearable. And even more so with others.
The lifesaver comes with the understanding that the ego in all its shapes and fashions (even pretty) isbad. And only God’s revelation in the world (even with trial and judgment) is good.

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