looking for signs

As I was walking God came to me wih the following.

As you walk there is no sign and there is no symbol for I am your LORD your sign and your symbol. And thou shall not look for any other sign or symbol but I.  And I will know the way that you shall go for this is they way that you have gone beforehand. And you shall not look back for a sign and symbol and you shall not look forward for a sign and symbol For I am the LORD your God your sign and your symbol. And thou shall be with me for I am your LORD.


Know O’ son of man that thou doesn’t trust me. And that thou still looks for sign and symbol. That is a sign that you are not with me and that you do not believe in me. Stop O’ son on man looking for a symbol and enjoy the creation that I have given thee. And know that they way that you are going is my way.


Know O’ son of man that this is the way of the Satan. That even if I had signs they have been erased they have been obliterate so that you can’t see them, even if they are there. So thou will have to trust me and trust your heart and they way you know already. For it is not that there weren’t signs there were but those signs have been erased.


Now I see signs now. I see signs that are clear. And I ask myself why haven’t I seen them until now ? Maybe what I saw erased was erased on purpose and not erased by an evil. But why didn’t I see til now. But then God tells me Why are you looking back at what you did not see ? If you have gotten to here that means that you were going in the right path. Why worry about what was ? Now you have signs, enjoy them. And later if you do not have signs, enjoy with Me, for you do not need the signs to know the way, you have Me.

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