Some Notes

Well sometime I get so much in my head I just jot it down. And I thought that someone someplace would like to find what I wrote. So I’m just going to copy them here.

The BAD is worse then what we think. It wants only its good and is willing to spill the while world even it. It causes his own destruction. It will use our side of forgiveness and giving the other cheek to accommodate it needs. it is so hard to be “evil” but to fight the devil you can’t be a nice guy.
The taking of the swords and going thru the camp killing you father mother brother sister wife son you have to be a Levite to be only but only for God.
The bad also takes our belief of God’s power against us. We under believe the evils power is weak not understanding what work is still needed, leaving to much to God.

יהוה תהיה לי לאח תהיה לי לחבר

<date year=2006 day=21 month=7>21/7/2006</date> 4:15 am
You sit here trying to pass the time watching movies. You forget ?! you are one of the few one of God’s chosen. You have a job to do, the job of bringing God’s word to the world. Time’s passing quick enough as it is. The end is coming closer every second. The world needs you to help it save itself from itself. And you “just want to pass the time” !?.

But remember even if you don’t like to that you can only show them the light but you can’t force it open them. For the acceptance of the light of God is each and everyone’s work alone. There will be some who will accept it and be saved, but others … This is no longer in your hands, for those who won’t accept God are judged to DOOM. This is the fate that is in the hands of man.

You are sad, don’t be rejoice will God for his day is coming, his day of HITGALUT. The day where he isn’t hidden from the hearts of man anymore. The day that all will know and feel him. I know for all means that the rest aren’t anymore. Is there anything I can do ? Is there an prayer I can pray ? I see in front of me pile of corpses from the Holocaust and I ask why didn’t they want to go/come home ? Was there not some better way to help there returning ? But God knows best. If there was a way I would of been. When you give free will out of love (it has it dangers) [it’s dangerous !]

Your heart aches. Is it your earthy heart looking for earthy friends, warmth and pleasures ? Or is it your Godly heart looking for sole souls (pun intended).

On these I cry. Will the bones live ?! The potential is there. The ability is there. The want ? What’s so bad about sitting in the grave forever ? Who needs life ? This is life (death that is). Stop attempting to change things your rocking the boat.

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