devotion? commitment?

Modern society is frowning on long term dedication, devotion and commitment. It is pushing for the "use once and throw out".
When you just think about eat and drink for there is no tomorrow, it is not surprising to see that there is not tomorrow.

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Laughter is great medicine for a depressed soul

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Am I alone ?


I am alone, like the climber who made it to the top whilst my companions succumbed to frostbite and exhaustion. I look down and I sense how everything below looks so tiny and insignificant. I feel cold and scared. I begin to doubt my own inner resources- maybe I’ll stumble, maybe the elements will gain control? I have almost forgotten why and how I got here, I’ve forgotten that it was God holding me and carrying me the whole way. It wasn’t because I was fitter than the others, nor was it luck. It was God, as always. But why then do I feel alone and abandoned? Why do I not look up at the heavens instead of down below at mankind in his insignificance? Why am I giving in to fear and it’s evil consequences?

God, I fear no one but you.
God, I thank no one but you.
God, I trust no one but you.
God, you lead me to this lonely place in order for me to sense your presence and I will long for none by my side but you.
God, just as you lead me here, you will lead me back.
I am waiting for you to take my hand and lead me.

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Let’s get bored

Avraham BenEmanuel:

Introspection can only come when we are quiet with ourselves and not distracted. Technology at our fingertips doesn’t easily leave us that needed space for knowing ourselves.

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When I was in China last fall I watched a teenage girl on a Beijing subway say goodbye to a friend getting off at a stop. As soon as they had waved goodbye and the doors closed, the girl pulled out her phone and began thumbing away.

This reminded me that these days, all around the world, it no longer looks “normal” to be doing nothing — even on trains, in elevators, in waiting rooms, standing in lines, or walking down the street.

Since we can now bring our personal entertainment environments with us everywhere in the form of phones, tablets and headgear (like Google Glass), all locations and situations are becoming our personal entertainment environments.

We no longer have to be bored in traditionally boring situations…and are likely never to be bored again.

That’s great, right? Or is it…

The continually advancing capabilities of devices (and the media hype…

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This is who I am ?

This is who I am, this is who I think I am, this is what I imagine I am, this is what my ego enjoys STOP BOTHERING ME.

This is NOT what I should be, this is NOT what I want to be, this is what my ego enjoys and IT IS DISTURBING the peace that I must have.

God, thank you for allowing me to see my EGOTISTICAL self.
God, thank you for allowing be to be disturbed by it’s existence.
God, thank you for not wanting it and wanting that ME that exists with you coexistent.

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Questioning were we are and why. Change is happening are you ready?

Never feel comfortable as if the world is static. It isn’t.

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The perfect text had perfect typography

I can wait to see the original ten commandments or at least the copy from moses. I am sure that reading it will improve my mood.

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