What happens to those who rebel?

Hoshea 14,1

תאשם שמרון כי מרתה באלהיה בחרב יפלו עלליהם ירטשו והריותיו יבקעו
Samaria shall bear her guilt, for she hath rebelled against her God; they shall fall by the sword; their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women who are with child will be cut open.

Even if they are close to use, even if they are dear. the prayer will still be that they should stop rebelling and take God on and serve him.
But if not and even until so the wrath of God is here NOT against them but for them.

For FATHER wants and loves all his children, and only wants it for there good. And the good is being with the love and kindness and and acceptance of cleansing from guilt.

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bad personality? depends on how it’s used


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Why is God so mean?

Why is it when we are in fear and crying out, yes really crying out with all our heart and soul he does not answer us? Why does he ignore us in our time of need.
We do not like when we are in need, to be ignored. We feel desolate and as orphans. Emotions grow are we feel that God doesn’t care about us.

Connection with God isn’t "only" when we "need him". Connection is always.
With a little forethought maybe we can do some preventative measures to those times of "need" or do we prefer closing ourselves off from the simple steps we have to take, and enjoy the results.

Wisdom is crying out in the street; her voice is loud in the open places;
Her words are sounding in the meeting-places, and in the doorways of the town:
How long, you simple ones, will foolish things be dear to you? and pride a delight to the haters of authority? how long will the foolish go on hating knowledge?
Be turned again by my sharp words: see, I will send the flow of my spirit on you, and make my words clear to you.
Because your ears were shut to my voice; no one gave attention to my out-stretched hand;
You were not controlled by my guiding, and would have nothing to do with my sharp words:
So in the day of your trouble I will be laughing; I will make sport of your fear;
When your fear comes on you like a storm, and your trouble like a rushing wind; when pain and sorrow come on you.

Then I will give no answer to their cries; searching for me early, they will not see me:
For they were haters of knowledge, and did not give their hearts to the fear of the Lord:
They had no desire for my teaching, and my words of protest were as nothing to them.
So the fruit of their way will be their food, and with the designs of their hearts they will be made full.
For the turning back of the simple from teaching will be the cause of their death, and the peace of the foolish will be their destruction.

But whoever gives ear to me will take his rest safely, living in peace without fear of evil. (Proverbs 1 20-31)

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שואת יהודים בתקופת המקרא

ראיתי את המאמר הזה, וראיתי שהוא ראוי לפרסום.


· מי אמר שפירוש רש"י על מכת החשך, נכון?

· האם בהכרח זה המסקנה היחידה? יש עוד מקרים בתנ"ך שמתו מעם ישראל אנשים.

נראה שהסיבה הכוללת והפשוטה היו שלא שמעו לדבר אלוהים, ולא נתנו אמונתם בו.


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There went the day of CHEERS. A yearly HOLIDAY. The day of CHEERS is a special one and a different one. It is a day of thanksgiving and remembering the thanksgiving of the past. It is the opening Festival of  a month full of festivals all around the topic of THANK YOU.  The autumn is the end of the harvesting and bringing what has grown over the last year. We gave thank for this year and if it wasn’t the best, we give thanks for previous years.  So thankfulness is in place.


God called this day the day of CHEERS, for some strange reason people confused Cheering with horn blowing. I can only imagine that as on some occasions a nice blow of a horn comes before the cheer, they figured that all cheers must have a horn blowing. What I can’t figure is why they forgot to cheer and only left the horn blowing?


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There are somethings you can’t do alone. לא הכל אפשר לעשות לבד

כולם יחד כדי להשתתף בהגשמת תכניתו של אלוהים לגאולה לאנושות כולה.
וזה לא אומר שכולם עושים אותו הדבר. לכל אחד מאיתנו יש תפקיד אישי.
Everyone together to participate in fulfilling God’s plan of redemption for all mankind.
And this does not mean that everyone does the same thing. Each one of us has a personalized job.

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Did we forget to plan ?
If your not willing to accept failure, you can never fix and improve.
Accepting failure even when you are completely sure everthing is perfect, is part of the learning process. Man can never be perfect.

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